September 14, 2006

Je me souviens

For Labour Day weekend, it was off to Quebec for me, my parents, my sister, Zack and two friends. My husband flew to California to visit his family for a week.

I've wanted to visit Canada for the longest time. At one point, I actually had a visa but didn't get to use it. This year, I've been to Canada TWICE - once in Montreal, once in Quebec. I like both places, despite the language barrier in Quebec. I frequently amused locals by saying silly things. After I bought a whole bunch of souvenirs, a sales person in the souvenir store surprised me by saying thank you in my language ("salamat").

The trip? We went to the Le Chateau Frontenac, the world's most photographed hotel. Had dinner at Au Relais de la Place D'Armes where I tried escargots for the first time ever. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of snails. Always declined it, but this time, why not? I'm in Quebec! Then we rode the funiculaire, and walked around Quartier Petit Champlain where the shops and restaurants were. We found the Mural of Quebec by accident. What a fantastic trompe-l'oeil effect it had.

The next day, it was off to the Basilique de Sainte Anne de Beaupré and Parc de la Chute de Montmorency. We saw La Chute de Montmorency (The Waterfalls of Montmorency) and had lunch at the Manoir Montmorency. When my dad saw the Manoir, he told my mom they should get married again there. How sweet.

We drove around Île d'Orléans as it was raining, but that place is pretty anyway. We stopped at the chocolaterie for some ice cream. There was a long line outside for it. No wonder, it's pretty good. Then we headed to the Notre Dame de Québec, took pictures in the Quartier Petit Champlain again, and went up and down the Casse-cou (Breakneck steps). We had dinner at the Cafe de Saint-Malo the night before we left.

Not bad for a long weekend.
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Meikah said...

Yeah not bad at all, Cez. hehehe