September 8, 2006

The Last Stop - Las Vegas, NV

August 24, 2006
Last stop: Las Vegas, Nevada
Stayed at: Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel Casino
On our way to Las Vegas, we stopped for about 15 minutes in Hoover Dam. We didn't stay there long because the temperature was 107 degrees. Not exactly fun.

The noise and mayhem in Las Vegas was in total contrast to the peace and tranquility of visiting the three national parks. We checked in, headed to the buffet and then played $5 worth in the penny slots. I got back $2. Oh well, at least I got something back.

Come to think of it, I got back more than $2 from this trip.

I got one of my wishes to see the Grand Canyon. Not bad at all.


Lei said...

Now that's a great birthday celebration! Turning 32 definitely isn't bad at all. ^^

Ingat lagi!

Cez said...

You too!