September 30, 2006

Lazy weekend

Some weekends I just want to stay in bed, nap, do nothing. Today is one of those days.

Since Thursday, my throat has been hurting. Can't be allergies as it's not itchy. I've got a headache that won't go away. I feel kind of congested or something. Running on empty is still the best description I can think of. I just want to sleep and rest.

Today's horoscope: "Usually a frantic pace is child's play to you, but lately you feel a strong need to rest and replenish. Take care to refresh your soul, or you could find your body fatiguing when you least expect it."

How true.

I"ve gone on great vacations this year. Vacations that relaxed me while I was there. But you know how it is. You go back to work and by noon, you already feel as if you've never even gone away.

To me, an ideal vacation lasts a month or two. (Dream on Cez, you only have 7 vacation days this year. You already used up 5, only 2 more days to use.)

I want to bring my parents to either Maryland or Vermont, but darn, I'm tired. My older sister has been dutifully driving them around and entertaining them because they're staying with her. Since she's leaving for Spain and meeting up with the youngest, our parents will stay with us. Maybe we can go then.

This weekend, I'll just take it easy. I hope it'll be enough.