October 18, 2006

In Sickness and In Health

Such a little phrase with so much meaning.

Watching my mom deal with my dad and sensing my dad's dependence on her is definitely putting into practice the theory behind the "in sickness" part of that phrase. How important it is and what it means. Add our relatives' crazy personal attacks against us, and boy, she must really love the dude for bearing with them all these years. Not that there were any doubts about that love.

It also reminded me of my Great Back Problem of 2005, when my husband carried me around because I couldn't walk due to lumbar strain.
Wednesday, October 18, 2006Cecilia1 comment


Paige said...

During hard & bad times true love shines. We all want it, long for it & hope we never find out. Prayers going out to ya for strength, endurance & a quick recovery.