October 16, 2006

More updates

My dad is now in the cardiac unit. He stayed in the cardiac surgery ICU for 2 days, then was transferred to the cardiac unit.

Happily, he recognizes all of us. Even tries to make us laugh by pretending not to recognize us, then saying our name afterward. He can't really laugh out loud as his chest hurts too much. He can eat on his own, although my mom has to cut up his food. He can't really talk as in talk, but he manages to whisper. When guests visit him, he usually nods in their direction to acknowledge their presence. Watching him and my mom right now made me realize the depth of their love for each other. It's something easily taken for granted, but when you see it for yourself, it's heartwarming and beautiful, though sad. Truly in sickness and in health.

Regretfully, on Saturday evening, the mix of morphine & other meds made him agitated after we left him at 8pm. He kept trying to remove the tubes attached to him, and to get up by himself. He even wants to go to the cashier to pay! The hospital called us and asked that someone go back and stay with him. Mommy & my older sister stayed with him overnight. The hospital doesn't allow guests to stay overnight, but they made an exception for his case. Last night, it was Mommy & my youngest sister who stayed in the hospital. They want to make sure that he doesn't try to stand on his own as he might fall and hurt himself. He has high creatinine levels, which the doctors are monitoring. They even suspect that he has an overactive thyroid, which they will check sometime. Yesterday, he was given oxygen again and had a temporary pacemaker attached because his bp was high while his heart rate was low. We were told that the post-op phase is a very delicate time. We're praying that he gets through this smoothly and safely.

Today I'm back to work, hoping to talk to my boss about the possibility of working from the hospital. So that's the update right now.

Thank you for all the prayers, support and concern.


Paige said...

It is normal for them to become angry at nothing. It is because of the chemical changes in the body. He might even deny that he had any heart problem at all & think that you all just stuck him in the hospital. He can't explain it, but is sure it is true. Thats what my dad did when he had his attack. He did try to get up & started pulling out the tubes & stuff. I yelled at him to stop or I would have them strap him down. He said you can't do that, I told yes I can just try me. He behaved after that. Depression can be a big issue for him now, so what out for it, another one of the common after effects, they (Doctors) seldom speak of.

Anonymous said...

Hope your boss will approve your suggestion. And I agree with you when sometimes love can be taken for granted, we just need to remind ourselves constantly all the time. Do take care.