October 4, 2006

Of spreadsheets and misery


Working on such a convoluted spreadsheet yesterday forced me to work overtime last night. Two hours in the office and continued working at home from 10pm-3am. To my utter dismay, as can be expected. When I got in today, there more additions to the spreadsheet.

I was so worn out by the darn spreadsheet that I ended up sitting at my desk in the office and weeping. Pathetic huh? Everything was just a blur to me. Too many worksheets, too many cross-links, too many formulas...not enough time. Good thing I have my own office. I closed my door and had a good cry. Yeah, over a spreadsheet.

My husband and little dog were waiting for me in the car. I told them to go home as I was planning to take the train. My husband opted to wait it out. I was overwhelmed by the numbers. I felt like a big idiot. THE Village Idiot, if you will.

I've never been a fan of MS Excel (bring on MS Word, Access, Powerpoint and Publisher anytime!), but working with engineers and architects who adore Excel is making me adore it too...NOT. I used to enjoy numbers when I was in highschool, but years of not dealing with them has slowed down my gray matter. Some people make sense of numbers. I make sense of words.

Nevertheless, my husband came to the rescue. He checked and double-checked the formula(s/e) until everything made sense. He stayed up late until the whole darn thing was done. What a sweetheart. That's why I like him. He's nice, sweet and dependable. It's also great, of course, that he's into numbers. ; )

I don't like working overtime, nor do I like working at home. Home is supposed to be the respite from work. I hope I will never have to do such a marathon job again. Better yet, I hope my math skills will resurface dramatically and miraculously. That ought to show 'em.
Wednesday, October 04, 2006Cecilia1 comment


Paige said...

Spread Sheets are not my thang either.
Now give me publisher, word or something similar.
Thank God for good husbands