October 12, 2006

Post-quad bypass surgery updates

Daddy's surgery was finished at 5:25pm. He's now in the cardiac ICU. We're visiting him at 8pm. They told us we'll get to see him awake tomorrow morning. They're moving him back to cardiac area tomorrow, if his condition remains stable (something we're praying for).

There was a bit of a drama between us and my dad's siblings who are blaming us for what happened. I still have more to say about it, but right now, all I feel is thankful that his surgery is done. Now I pray that his condition remains stable. We will deal with them sometime.


Lei said...

I can relate with the "blame" part. One of these days my siblings and I will declare war against my father's clan.

I pray your Dad get's better.

Anonymous said...

It's always easier and much more comforting to blame others for whatever things that had already happen. But to me it seems like just pure human nature. When will people starts to focus on the situation??

By the way hope everything will be fine in your live. Be strong.

Cez said...

Lei, we also thought of declaring war but most people are advising us to leave it be. Whether or not I will obey that is a matter of wait-and-see.

perfectwound, I agree that it is human nature. It just so happened that their timing was so wrong, while my dad was being operated on. Anyway, thank you for dropping by.