November 3, 2006

Arrrgh! Too many changes at work! - Part 2

Paige, we'll take our dad to the endocrinologist on Monday - that doctor thinks my dad has an overactive thyroid. I'll be working out of the office that day. He went to see his cardiologist last Monday. He really needs to walk more, but with the cold weather upon us here in the east coast, it's getting difficult. My mom said he walks around the house, so that's better than nothing, right? He's gaining weight again slowly but surely. We'll visit him tomorrow. I need to take him and mom to buy winter coats.

Thanks for the advice. Sometimes I have this blah, annoyed-with-the-world, shakes-my-fists, cries-at-songs, wanna-hibernate period every now and then. That's the phase I'm in right now.

I believe in being happy. I also believe in being sad. It naturally happens when you know how to be happy. When I feel sad, I really wallow, and get down and dirty with how I feel. Even my trusty ol' journal - the one I've had since moving here to the US - has resurfaced. After all this, where else can I go but up? I was never one to deny myself how I really feel. I always believe that I'll come out all the better.

Meikah girl, I'll definitely hang in here. Things happen for a reason.

Thanks, you two!