November 1, 2006

Arrrgh! Too many changes at work!

Work is undergoing a lot of changes right now. The Great Spin-off. I DON'T LIKE IT. Granted, I don't have to worry as a bunch of us are already on the payroll of the new company. I'm getting paid for my unused vacation days (which is annoying as I really like using them). Thank goodness, I used up my personal/sick days. Otherwise, I would've just lost it.

Maybe I haven't had the chance to recover from the stress of the past few weeks, that's why I'm feeling this way.

I'm worn out, tired, exhausted even. The back of my neck until my lower back hurts. I hope it's not a repeat of last year. I find myself being snappy with my husband. I feel like he doesn't get it. Of course, who am I to talk? I don't get it either.

My mind goes back to wanting other starting my own business. I know that to start your own business requires money...and where will I get that? I was looking up the legal requirements earlier this morning during my break. My sister and I constantly talk about these things, but never get them off the ground. I keep having these nice ideas, but implementing them? Yikes.

What else? The Executive Assistant was nice to me while my dad was in the hospital, but now she's back to her snippity self. As if. To hell with her. She totters around in the office, constantly accusing people of giving her attitude and constantly saying "that's not in my job description". We all don't have job descriptions yet. It's a fledgling company, for pete's sake! Get a life.

When she's in front of the higher-ups, she's Ms. Sugar & Spice and everything nice. Bugger. I wonder if they can see past the act. I wonder if they really buy it. She's not even THAT great an assistant. I should know, I was one for years.

I'm the last person to despise changes. I usually like trying out new things, new experiences. But this time, all I want to do is sleep and stay under the covers. Wake me when it's over.

But that's not possible. Arrrgh!


Meikah said...

Cez, *hugz*

I pray everything turns out for the best with you. Just hang in there. :)

Paige said...

It sounds like a touch of depression. Normal for what you have been through lately. Try thinking positive and smilling more, fake your mind & body into felling better. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. My dr put me on lexapro. It has really helped, I take the lowest dose (10 mg) & amd doing fine. Not snappy, not crying & not pre-occupied with all the bad things, including being depressed when so many other people seem to be able to cope with multipule deaths in the family, illness' and cancer in a spouse. I don't cry near as much as I did a month or so ago. I'm just saying, it helped me.
Feel better, trust me when I say it could be worse.
How is your dad?