November 7, 2006

"The Dayroom" by Kristen (“A look at what it’s like in a hospital waiting room)

When my dad was hospitalized, I was hanging out in the dayroom with my husband and nieces. I thought of making them write about something. Here's something my niece Kristen wrote:

It was a rather sunny day as the glaring rays shot through the windows of the Long Island College Hospital dayroom. I was sitting in a bare room. There was a long table, two chairs (one was broken), a rather unattractive painting, a soda and snack machine. Exciting, huh? I sat on the table, due to the shortage of seating in the room. My back was leaning against the tan wall as I was reading my latest issue of 'Teen Vogue'. I read pretty much every inch of my magazine. "What is there to do?" I asked myself repeatedly. I was so overcome with boredom that I began to lightly sketch my gray Converse sneaker on my sister's book fair bookmark. As I was drawing my life away, the light that once came through the windows disappeared and it was replaced by the dullness of the night.

To be continued...