November 12, 2006

"The Dayroom" by Lisette

It's very hard to tell this story. It was the prettiest day I've ever seen...but something very scary happened when we entered the hospital called "Long Island College Hospital". When I got there it was dark and gloomy all through the hallways. There in a big room with no chairs was a DAYROOM. As I saw everyone, I noticed a snack machine and a soda machine. I dreamt of me enjoying my snacks and soda. Me buying more and more things until it's gone!

Later on that same day when I was there with my Tita and Kristen, I heard something calling my name "Lisette, buy me!"

When I turned around, I saw what was calling me and why... it was the snack machine!!! I was so scared. I was sure I was imagining this moment, but I really wasn't. I wondered "Why is this weird snack machine calling MY name?" Once I turned, it wasn't the snack machine no was the soda machine!!

Finally we left that horrid place! As we were eating I had that picture in my head if that really happened. Did it? Or was it a dream? The next morning at the hospital, it was bright and happy! I was surprised if I wasn't right about yesterday.

It was the last day there I kept dreaming of the day before until...I kept looking back if the two machines were behind me. Nothing happened. It was all a stupid dream.

Now we're in a safer place called "My House". Before my house, we went to a different hospital called "Beth Israel Medical Center". Everybody is happy and SAFE now. I hope you won't experience what I've been through.