November 9, 2006

"The Dayroom" Part Deux by Kristen

Note to Readers: Part One and Deux (2) of the Dayroom is a reflection on how it feels to stay in a Dayroom in a hospital for almost a whole day. This is my perspective of the day. It takes place in Long Island College Hospital. Enjoy!

The darkness of night was thrust upon the city of New York. As I stared at the ceiling, I noticed a rather disgusting wad of gum stuck on the ceiling. As the day went on, I began to get sleepier and sleepier. My eye lids would close, and then suddenly open. The rumbling of the soda machine would ring in my ear. I stood up to make my way (once again) to the snack machine. The craving of a chocolate bar or some chips was coming on. I would just stare at the machine hoping that something would just fall out of the machine, so I could eat it. It was coming towards the end of the day. We would have to go home. Everyone in the room would wait for the latest news on my grandpa's condition. I was still overcome with boredom.

A few days later. At Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, New York

We had to adjust to a new dayroom in Beth Israel. The dayroom in Long Island College Hospital had our own room with a soda and snack machine. But in our case, it was an open room where people could walk by. The advantage of the new dayroom was that there were actually seats. I was seated on an un-comfy bench with an indigo color and stripes. You could hear a pin drop with all of the silence in the room. "Why is there always an unattractive painting in waiting rooms?", I said to myself. The abstract painting did not catch my interest. A disconnected black television was staring at us as I looked at my reflection through the screen. Once in a while, I would make a daily phone call to my friends to say that I'm ok. I had a sudden chill just sitting in the open room. My backpack was leaning on my leg as I did my school work. All of this waiting was making me tired somehow. Was it all of the worry for my grandpa? Somehow, even though I'm sitting for a whole day, I always end up exhausted.