November 20, 2006

Keeping secrets

Nothing galls me more than keeping secrets.

Perhaps it was implicitly implied that whatever happened before when my dad was in the hospitalized (the lurid details are here) would remain a secret to him. Should it? The wisdom of keeping it from him eludes me. Really.

I mean, those folks are his siblings - who attacked his family and accused them of not loving him, while he was undergoing surgery.

Clearly, I still feel he ought to know. One way or the other. Yeah, I'm crazy. It's the holiday season, everyone should love, love, love everybody YET:

1. I know they'll be a-callin' to invite my dad to their holiday shindigs.
2. I know they'll invite only him, and maybe even my mom (because he doesn't go anywhere without her).
3. I know we will have to drive our parents to attend the shindigs.
4. I know my dad will wonder why we'll just drive by, drop them off and leave.
5. I know he'll sense the awkwardness.

I don't want him to think we're acting all awkward for no good reason. Especially since his siblings fawn over him. How sweet. Nice. And how utterly vomit-inducing to me. They treat us - my dad's family - as their competition. Ever heard this before?

I don't want him to think we're being mean for no good reason.

I want him to know that we have our reasons. I also don't want to shield him from what's going on. My dad is a dominant force to reckon with. I doubt he enjoys being treated with kid gloves. Sure, he relishes the pampering and special treatment. But to be kept in the dark about something as major as that? I don't think so.

We'll see. I'm sure the right time will present itself in due course.