November 10, 2006

A Smile

I was happy earlier. It was Friday. I was finishing things left and right at work. Then something annoying happened. I won't bore you to tears with the details. My conclusion?

People often mistake a smile to mean an entire gamut of things.

With a guy, they think you're interested...or worse, a flirt.
With a gal, they think you're friendly...or worse, a flirt.

At work, they wonder why you smile a lot. When things go bad and you keep smiling, they assume you don't understand the gravity of the situation. When other people behave badly but you're still smiling, they assume you're a pushover, a doormat. And people take advantage of it too.

In a group, a smile when someone's being sarcastic leads other people to assume you don't get it.

You can have a smile constantly pasted on your face. It doesn't matter if you're upset, worried, sad, or confused. A smile masks all of these feelings you're feeling. You smile as an attempt to rise above the situation. No matter how deeply you want to sink into the quagmire of mixed emotions.

But people don't understand. They don't get it.


Paige said...

I have put this great post in a link at Cracked Nuts. Have a wonderful time & give my best to your family. Hope your dad and all are well.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Keep em guessing with that smile!

I came over from Paige's and a smile on your face coupled with laughing for no reason keeps you feeling good and is somewhat catchy. If you look around you can generally find someone smiling back.

Lene said...

WOW, same b-days! That's so nice to know! Cheers to your blog's first year! And I'm looking forward to more years of Vanilla and Caramel! Keep on blogging!Belated happy, happy birthday! =)