November 15, 2006

Thanksgiving is next week!

UPDATE: My sister has bacterial infection (not strep). If it's viral, it can take a week or more to get better. I don't think she needs the stress of hosting the Thanksgiving party. We'll see.


I didn't realize Thanksgiving was next week until this morning when I ran down to check our calendar. True enough, Thanksgiving is November 23.

I should've guessed. Yesterday, my older sister texted me about the menu for her Thanksgiving lunch. She even said that we should order the food. I remember texting her back, "this weekend." I volunteered to host a quiet little Thanksgiving for our family, but since she has work the next day, she'll host it instead. That way, she doesn't need to drive all the way to Connecticut then rush back to work.

After Thanksgiving, the holiday season will all be a blur. In no time at all, 2007 will be here. Unbelievable.