November 25, 2006

The Thanksgiving that was

The Thanksgiving long weekend is almost done. We went to my sister's place for a late lunch last Thursday. She really went the extra mile and decorated her place for the occasion. She rarely hosts parties, so kudos to her for a good job! Thanks also to Stew Leonard's, we had a nice Thanksgiving meal without breaking out into a sweat.

Here's what we had:
Appetizers - fruit platter, manchego and mascarpone cheeses with crackers
Main dish - roasted turkey with gravy, cranberry orange sauce, dinner rolls, steamed seasonal vegetables tossed in olive oil, and roasted butternut squash with sage, plus our very own pancit ;)
Desserts - tiramisu, southern pecan pie (from Mike's Pies of Tampa, FL) and no sugar added blueberry pie
Drinks - soda and sparkling wine

Now this is me with my husband after we've eaten:

The next day, my husband and I woke up at 8a.m. for the Black Friday sales. We planned to wake up at 4:30a.m., but that didn't happen. We hit Staples first, Best Buy, Circuit City and finally, the mall. Nine more persons left in my Christmas shopping list, so that's great.

Enjoy the last day of Thanksgiving weekend tomorrow!


Pie said...

What a Feast! :) Hugs to you and euge!

Paige said...

I'm so glad it all turned out so nice. Family is a good thing. Hope every one is back to normal, from being sick.
We do NOT shop on the Thanksgiving weekend, not even for food. NO way am I standing in those lines. Besides we do our shopping before Thanksgiving, we only need a few office & bosses gifts.

Lei said...

Happy Thanksgiving! (tama ba?) Ü

You two are looking grrrrrreat! Ingat lagi!

Anonymous said...

You had a great feast! It's nice to see latest pic of yours. =)