December 6, 2006

Almost time to go home

My husband and I were late for work today. We passed by DHL to pick up a package for my parents that required a signature. I arrived in the office a little past 9:30.

Being late, you'd think I'd be behind my work. But no! It's amazing how much I finished today. Amazing how much I can get done when I'm not in the office for eight hours straight. Whoever thought of having an eight-hour workday is just horrid. Honestly, how many people seriously work for eight hours straight? I know I take 5-/10-minute breaks every hour and a half, plus my one-hour lunch break. I've seen people goof off for most part of the day, then start working seriously around 3p.m.

By the way, I only realized that our working hours here is 9-5:30 two days ago! How clueless was I? When I started, someone told me that I would work from 9-6. It wasn't my boss though. I didn't even think of asking the other people here. When my boss and I were filling out a form the other day, it required the working hours. He wrote 9-5:30, much to my surprise. All these months, I've been working till 6! We don't even get paid overtime!

Oh well, time lost is time lost. At least now I know. AND 5:30 is almost here. :)