December 13, 2006

Option 1 or Option 2?

You have a jealous office colleague who keeps sabotaging your work and claiming credit for your efforts. What do you do?

- You also start doing the same and play nasty with your colleague.

- You go to your superior and explain to him how this is affecting your morale and productivity and mention that you tried dealing with it on your own.

- You choose to stay silent and hope that this colleague will either change with time or will be fired.

As my sister pointed out, I've done the third option many times before.


Lei said...

Hiya Cez! Is there a "Run her over with the car on her way home" option? ^^

Kidding. I hope I won't get arrested for that comment.

Anyway, I recently had a (small) hand at resolving an internal conflict somewhat similar to yours, ie., "nagsisiraan ng trabaho / maling paraan ng paggawa". Here, I learned that the one with the more detailed, organized account of what has been happening -- backed up with all available documentary evidences -- tend to be seen by our grievance committee as the one in the right (dahil nga naman siguro sa mga ipinakitang ebidensya, in a diary-like testimony countersigned by all other parties involved, no less. whew!).

It is tedious, but that could be a good move to build up a case to show what the other person has been wrong before raising the issue to management levels.

But then, this could be overkill. Could we just go back to my suggested option above? hehe.

Goodluck. Alam naman natin na sa huli, hindi uubra sa iyo ang mga taong ganyan.

Paige said...

You need to beat her/him to the punch. Tell no one what your next idea/project is. When you met the goal etc. You send off a quick e-mail to the boss & cc whom ever is directly under you.
Try to cut them off at the pass. Good luck in your mission