December 27, 2006

She who drives me nuts

Spoke to my boss about her today. I told him how I tried to deal with it on my own, but some way or the other, it's affecting my morale. Of course, I'm trying not to let it get in the way of my productivity.

I told him about the snide remarks and the putdowns. How I can never do right by her...which is odd because she's not even my boss. How I'm at a loss on how to deal with her - I've tried to be nice, to be civil, to be business-like, to no avail. How she puts down the work I do. How very immature and unprofessional she is with me. How she seems to get upset very easily - going from zero to angry in about ten seconds.

He advised me not to mind her. That she's not happy where she is right now, and that she just wants to leave the company. He KNOWS her résumé is out there in circulation. She's not here for the long haul. He said we're not on the same track - she wants a job with less responsibilities and a lighter workload, while my goal is the opposite. He says he sees me being part of the company's growth, but not her. He pointed out that my position and her position is not even on the same level. He said she's like a little kid who gets threatened at the drop of a hat. A little kid who can be sugary sweet yet throw terrible tantrums. How did he term it? "Insufficient social skills".

Goodness knows, I planned to be utterly professional when I went to talk to him. But since he's the sort who goes straight to the heart of the matter and dislikes fluff, he found out what's been going on without me hiding behind the nicety of a diplomatic exchange.