December 3, 2006

When things go wrong

Sometimes things just go wrong, even if you have nothing but good intentions.

Scenario 1: You get scolded TWICE in one day for using the wrong e-mail account. Earlier in the day, one of the two persons who scolded you was just "helpfully" pointing it out to you because, as she said, "I don't want you to get into trouble." Later that day, she returns to scold you. Lo and behold, it turns out SHE was using the wrong e-mail account because you were only replying to HER e-mail. You tell her what happened. She responds by e-mail (sent from the wrong account) claiming she sends her e-mails from the right account.
Lesson: People will lie, even if there's proof that proves otherwise.

Scenario 2: Yet another person is using the wrong e-mail account. You tell her to change it so she doesn't get scolded like you did. She says she doesn't know how and asks for your help. Since you know what to do, you set up her e-mail program and goes back to your work. Hours later, she goes to you to complain how her e-mail program isn't working. You check the settings. It's different from the settings you earlier used. She claims you messed up her e-mails and told you not to touch it.
Lesson: You can help one person, but it doesn't mean that one person will appreciate it.

Scenario 3: A very important medicine was left in your sister's house. No mention of this until past 10p.m. You go to your sister's house to pick it up, plus another medicine that was left behind. When you get home, you get yelled at. You get blamed for all the bad behavior they've seen since the surgery, not necessarily exhibited by you.
Lesson: It doesn't matter if you don't behave badly. You can still get blamed for it, even if it's other people who have the luxury of behaving badly.



Paige said...

As a co-worker of mine says
No good deed shall go un-punished!

As long as you are doing the right thing in the eyes of our Big Guy upstairs, try not to worry about. As you have pointed out by the horoscope- you are NOT responsible for any one else’ happiness-ONLY YOUR OWN.



Paige said...

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