January 12, 2007

Finally Friday

We just got home from our office party. A belated holiday party, but a party nonetheless. Come to think of it, I actually prefer having a party at this time. You get a respite from the constant eating beginning Thanksgiving. You get to lose a pound or two before heading back to the buffet.

Interesting that in this day and age, you can still see weird behavior from people. I noticed:
1. that the asians stuck together, while the white folks stuck together;
2. that most guys drank more beer, while most girls had soda (not me, I had a glass of wine); and
3. that even outside of the office, some people were still talking shop.

An officemate even asked my husband and me if we liked the food - chicken marsala. I wanted to be cheeky, roll my eyes and say, "duh!" but I behaved myself. It was chicken marsala, for goodness' sake.

The thing is, I'm not a big fan of office parties. I actually prefer keeping my office and social life separate. When forced to mingle with officemates outside office hours, it wears me out. Isn't 8 hours 5 days a week enough? Strange though, I wasn't this way when I worked in my country. Boy, working there and hanging out with officemates after work was a blast! Fun times, really.

Anyway, another weekend is upon us. Finally.