January 6, 2007

The holidays and all that

Last week, it was a different year. Today, it's another. Interesting how much difference a week can make, really.

By the way, I hope your holidays went quite well.

I wish I can say that mine was exactly how I imagined it. It wasn't, but that's not to say it was a horrid holiday season. Reality always turns out differently from what you imagined.

I got lovely, lovely gifts for which I am grateful for. I haven't spent Christmas with my parents in a long time, but this year, it happened. New year's eve was spent at home with my husband, mom and two sisters. I didn't really feel like going anywhere, just wanted to spend new year's eve at home. I did cook pancit, in addition to the lumpia shanghai, lechon kawali, macaroni salad, buttered green beans-carrots-corn, and fruit salad.

See the half-n-half pancit (half bihon, half canton)?

Anyway, we stayed up late till 4am watching tv. I didn't make new year's resolutions. Not even A new year's resolution. Resolutions are great, but the way I see it, if you keep making the same resolutions year in and year out, chances are you're making too many resolutions. Why not focus on one and keep at it? I don't make them because if I want to change something about me, I can do it any good ol' time. All I want to do on new year's eve is to have fun.

I've been thinking lately about life. How life can be so simple, but people choose to complicate it. We've all heard it - choose your battles wisely...simplify your life - but how many people actually do it? We all find ways to aggravate ourselves. Some people focus on petty things that they diss other people about such pettiness. Others constantly tell others to deal with things when they need to tell the very same thing to themselves. Most people just do not have the ability to put themselves in other people's shoes.

However, life goes on. It doesn't matter whether or not we actively deal with the things that annoy and aggravate us. Time doesn't come to a standstill. Things will continue to unravel. I just keep telling myself to take each day as it comes.


Lei said...

Yum! What a feast!

Life goes on... ^^