January 22, 2007

My reputation precedes me.

My sister wants to try working in Canada. Of course, my older sister is wondering how come my parents haven't filed a petition for her to move here in the US. Turns out they said they have yet to approach me about the matter. They're waiting for me to be in a good mood. : D

Instead of getting offended, I'm amused by it. "Volatile" was a term my sister used to describe me who had the nerve to tell me that I've actually mellowed out. The nerve! You will bow before me for your cheekiness! Ha-ha-ha!

True, in my younger years, I have been known to throw tantrums, act bratty and just go off on the deep end. Recently though, things that would've set me off in fury have been few and far between. Even the great incident involving my relatives had me playing mediator (yuck!). I've been picking my battles now.

Yet my family still sees me as a fearful force to reckon with. I suppose I can play that to my advantage, but really, what purpose would it serve?

Perhaps it's my steadfastness - a definitely way more polite term than stubbornness. I have long done what I want to do. I don't get forced to do things that I don't want to do. I stand by my decisions, no matter how unpopular it might be. Like hell, I've always believed that your main duty is to be true to yourself.

I do not use tears to get my way. That's a different person in our family who can cry at the drop of a hat despite her age. Puh-lease! Tears are overused and overrated. It doesn't even work with people anymore...unless they're the sort who crumbles at the sight of a tearful face.

As I wrote before,
"But people who know who I used to be
Refuse to understand that I could become something else.
Then there are those who know me now
Who refuse to understand that I was something else before."

But that's their problem, not mine.


Paige said...

So does that mean they have mentioned it or are they still waiting for a better mood?

Good luck and hope the family is well.

Cez said...

Actually, the petition has been mailed already! :)