January 16, 2007


I was with the same organization for eight years. After leaving the old org, I wanted to work for a smaller company where I can make a difference. A place where the work I do means something, instead of me being just another cog in the machinery. Now I'm in a company with 20+ people where I am constantly requested to put on various hats. I daresay I've learned so much since joining last year. Yes, there's still a lot to learn.

But somehow in the back of my mind, I know I'm not here for the long haul. I want to be part of its growth, but once that's done, I'm off. Yes, I'm restless once again.

The idea of starting and running my own business still tickles my fancy and niggles my mind. I know I've got what it takes. I just need to take a step in that direction. Buckle up and really get it started. I already registered the trade name, for goodness' sake. I already know the structure it'll take. I still need to get both federal and state tax IDs. I don't want to spend $50 for the state tax ID though...haha.

Perhaps we experience restlessness because it's our spirit's way of pushing us to take action. Stop twiddling our thumbs and do what we want.

What do I want?
I want to write and earn money, good money.

What do I NOT want?
I don't want to be an employee forever. I want to be my own boss (yeah!). A captain of my destiny.

Is that so bad?