January 27, 2007

Saturday Cook-n-Gab Fest

Everyone has a Hallmark image of how a family should be.

Then you find out that your family can be as nutty as your next-door neighbors...even everyone else.

Parents don't know how to deal with you as adults. They know you and they love you, but they don't get you. Sadly too, you don't know how to deal with them either. You try and you try to be there, but sometimes you reach the point where you just don't know what to do. It's not for lack of love and affection.

Then there are good days - days when it's actually fun hanging out with them. You chat away and they actually chat right back. You tell a joke, they laugh and then tell jokes of their own.

Today is one of those days.

My mom and I spent the morning grocery shopping (something she loves to do) and then prepping the food for lunch. When we got home, we started cooking immediately. My dad kept checking up on us, watching us while we cooked. She was telling me that they want to go back home. That they have matters to attend to there. Which, I think, is perfectly understandable. They have LIVES there, after all. Everything came to a standstill when they got here. I told them that it's fine with me if they go home as long as they keep up with the follow-up check-ups. The last thing we need is for them to revert to their "naughty" ways of eating. She said either they'll have a smaller house built back home, or they get a one bedroom/one bathroom unit here in the US. They want to sell the big house there, and then have a smaller one built - a house that would not require a bazillion household help to run, which sounded reasonable to me. It was about time. That house is too big for them. Nothing wrong with downsizing. As for the one bedroom/one bathroom unit in the US, well, that would require contributions from us, their kids. I'm sure we can all figure something out, just so they have their own space. My parents have so long been used to having their own space, having their own lives and running around on their own that the current set-up with them playing nomads going from one place to another is clearly not something they want. By the time lunch was ready, we already covered a lot of topics that continued on while we ate and even afterwards. We went out for a drive later in the afternoon.

When we got back, another cooking adventure was in the offing. I cooked pancit canton. When I told my dad that I was going to try to make lumpia, he was telling me how to do it, even if he doesn't cook! So I teased him and said, "let's see you do it!" He gallantly took me up on my challenge. My husband, my dad and I ended up rolling and wrapping up the veggies in the spring roll wrapper. When it was finally cooked, my dad and mom kept checking it. They said it looked like the real thing. When we tasted it, the final product was gooood! We didn't expect it to be, really. I mean, it was a test run. Goodness knows, I've never tried to make lumpia, seems too much work. When my dad tried the pancit canton, he liked it! Said it tasted so good. He was smiling all throughout our cooking experiment. He looked like he was having fun.

I tell you, you gotta be thankful for days like these.


Paige said...

I'm glad y'all had a great day of shopping, cooking and eating together.
Yes they need their own space. We as humans like the group only so long. Being in one's own bed is so nice.

Lynn said...

But-but-but...where will I live?!