February 28, 2007

Career fairs and keeping in touch

I received an e-mail for a career fair in our town. The company's 15-20-minute drive away from our home. I thought of applying to this company before when I was looking for a job, but laziness overtook me then. Their application form was 6 pages, double-sided. Now that they're having a career fair, somehow I'm not so keen in going. Eventually, I do hope to get a job close to home. Either that or really go full-time with Red Mark Studio. I would much prefer the latter, honestly.

Then a lady who interviewed me before called me to touch base. She wanted to check out how I was doing. It's for a non-profit, something I wanted to go into after the other job. I almost got the job, but my salary range was too high for them. They ended up getting another person. She's a really great person, someone who seems fun to work with/for.

She asked me how I was doing, if everything was going well. When she found out I was enjoying my job, she sounded really happy. Which made me realize (yeah, sometimes I tend to forget) that in spite of and despite the day-to-day hassles that I encounter, I'm in a way better place now than the same time last year.