February 22, 2007

I know I'm not the only one who had a bad day...

...but seriously, sometimes working in an office is a pain in the neck. Why do people wait until the last minute? When there is more than enough time to do a good job, why do they still wait until the last minute? Is it a safe excuse in case things don't turn out as well? You know, it would be easier to say, "well, it was done in a rush, we'll just fix the mistakes afterwards."

But why not do the job perfectly the first time around? Why is it that some people would rather do the job just for the sake of getting the job done, instead of doing the job correctly and completely so there would be no need to revisit the same old matter?

Then there are those who announce that they do their work perfectly, when a simple perusal of their work shows their glaring incompetence. *sighs*

Pardon me, it's one of those crazy days that started the moment I arrived in the office. Hopefully, things will quiet down now.