February 13, 2007

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day. And if weather forecasts are to be trusted, the first snow storm this year.

Just as well. I bugged my husband to let me in on his Valentine plans. Soooo unlike me. I usually just wait to see what he's got up his sleeves. So the fact that I bugged him is actually uncharacteristic of me. I did it this year though because I honestly didn't feel like going out and joining the crowd. All couples will be out there, dressed in their finery.

I want a quiet dinner at home. I told him about it last night. We already bought a bottle of champagne. We're buying the food we'll cook tomorrow. I'm in charge of the dessert, but if it snows heavily tonight and tomorrow, I might end up not going to work! Which might be a bummer since I plan to get desserts from Cafe Chocopologie. However, if I do end up skipping work tomorrow, missing desserts wouldn't be a bad thing! :D

Now, I'm looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day at home. Light a couple of candles, turn on some nice music. It ought to be fun.

I feel sorry for those who work in restaurants. They can't even enjoy Valentine's Day themselves because they're too busy serving us. Of course, I remember this Valentine dinner where the two servers got engaged. Awww! So sweet.

Anyway, do enjoy your Valentine's Day! Have fun!