February 15, 2007

A Valentine Nor'easter

A Nor'easter hit us yesterday. On Valentine's Day. We ended up staying at home.

It's so easy to get materialistic on Valentine's Day. It's so easy to feel entitled. As my husband pointed out, "it's a girl's holiday".

Sometimes you really have to be impressed with Mother Nature. She helps keep things in perspective. We had the exact Valentine's Day I imagined. We stayed at home. We spent time together. We watched "The Wedding Singer" and "A Walk to Remember" on dvd, and also the season finale of "Beauty and the Geek". He cooked filet mignon with wild mushroom sauce (pictures to follow) and popped open a bottle of Korbel champagne. For dessert, we had creme puffs (since I didn't go to work). Later in the evening, we shared a bag of Chippy! : )

This morning when I entered my office, there was a Berry Bouquet from Edible Arrangements, including a bottle of fudge sauce.

Turns out it was still delivered yesterday at work, despite the snow storm. Kudos to Edible Arrangements! I thought of opening it and sharing it with my officemates, but you know what? I think I'll share it with my husband instead.