March 12, 2007

Adopt me? No way!

I was about 9-10-11 years old when an unmarried aunt of mine kept saying she was going to adopt me. Not because my family was in dire straits financially. Just so someone can "inherit" her debts and stay with her till her old age (which horrified my youngest sister, "because you're my sister and she can't take you away"). A pretty strange set-up that thankfully never materialized. Now the question, "why me?" of course came to mind. Perhaps because ever since I was young, I was often told that I looked like this aunt of mine? (Correction: my youngest sister said she heard it when I was 13 and she was 6...which means all the adoption talk went on till I was 13! Yikes!)

While at lunch with my husband today, he also mentioned that something similar was discussed when they were young. No, he wasn't the one to be adopted by one of their aunts (because he's the eldest AND a boy), but one of his younger sisters. Once again, a girl to keep the aunt company in her old age.

Now, for the life of me, I can't imagine adopting one of my two nieces to keep me company in my old age. They have their parents (whom they should keep company in their old age...ho-ho). I would like it very much if they end up having their own lives to live. Of course, it would please me very much if, in my old age, we'd still get to hang out even if they're way younger than me. By that time, I doubt if I'll treat them like idiotic adults because by gosh, they'll be adults then. We also intend to have our kids in the far-off future.

I have two sisters, still unmarried. Seriously, I doubt if they will think of doing the same thing to our nieces. People seem to look at how times are changing in a negative way, but in this case, I daresay it's all for the better.