March 2, 2007

Blessing in disguise

Make time to double-check things you've done - make sure that all is okay.
What an appropriate horoscope. Nothing could be further from the truth. A client wanted a revised proposal. When I looked over the fees, one item that really costs a lot was missing from the spreadsheet. At least now I can safely add that item back in. I admitted it to my boss, of course, who was so understanding about it. He said we all try to do things perfectly, but with the craziness at work, some things are bound to fall in between the cracks. He even told me not to beat myself up over it, that it was ok.

I remember that proposal distinctly. It was one of those proposals that was whipped up quickly, without much review, as the client kept bugging us about it. I apologized to my boss, and told him I would offer no excuse. HE was the one who offered the reason for that boo-boo - that a lot of things have been falling on my plate, even things that should not be, so he understands.

I was so happy that I finished things yesterday, but I'm still thankful for what happened today. It's a blessing in disguise because now I can actually fix my earlier boo-boo, with the client none the wiser.