March 31, 2007

In pursuit of an eco-friendly kitchen floor

I want to change our kitchen flooring. Here's the 411 on our linoleum-covered kitchen floor:
- it gets dirty easily;
- it takes half-hour to seriously clean it;
- it leads to the deck, so that contributes to the getting dirty part; and
- our dog hangs out and eats in the kitchen.

Now I'm looking for flooring that looks good, safe for pets, easy to install (preferably glueless - if not possible to go glueless, then hopefully using water-based adhesives), and easy to maintain with no/low formaldehyde or VOC emissions. Carpet is already out of the list. I'm allergic to dust mites and it's for a kitchen, after all. Hardwood? Too expensive. A-ha! Laminate flooring's probably the way to go.

First stop online was the Home Depot website to check out their laminate flooring. Dupont Real Touch Elite Green Slate Laminate Flooring caught my attention. Especially after reading the reviews. They all seem pretty happy with it. It looks good. Plus, installing it seems like a cinch.

Then I went to good ol' Google in search of sustainable laminate flooring. I came across some articles saying how laminate flooring is better than hardwood for environmental reasons. More votes go to laminate then. I need something easy to clean, easy to maintain, and nice-looking. I also read this that mentioned Unilin Quick-Step, Pergo Presto, and KronoSwiss Crystal Clic. Further surfing led me to this, which then led me to the websites of Alloc and BHK of America.

After all that, it's time to discuss it with my husband.