April 8, 2007

DIY weekend

Saturday afternoon, he started working on our kitchen floor.

We don't know much about flooring. I thought we had linoleum flooring in the kitchen. Turns out it's sheet vinyl. Who knew? Anyway, we bought six boxes of Atlantic Maple (17.59 sq. ft. / 7 planks per carton) from Pergo's Signature Casual Living line last weekend at Lowe's. Thanks also to Home Depot, he rented a jig saw, and bought their book, "Flooring 1-2-3".

TO DO: Install glueless laminate floor
TOOLS: tape measure, trim saw, spacers, pull bar, jig saw (rented from Home Depot), hammer, tapping block.
DIVISION OF LABOR: I had limited duties - cleaning and clearing out the kitchen, taking out the planks from the carton, and leaning it against the dining room wall. He installed the laminate floors.

Zack looked confused with all the ruckus going on. He'd nap, wake up, check out what's happening at the kitchen and look worried. Sometimes he'd come by with his tail wagging. Then he'd go back to his hang-out place by the fireplace and nap again.

He finished it today.