April 30, 2007


A friend e-mailed this in our YahooGroups. I didn't check it out immediately and actually read it only today. I had no clue who Julia Campbell was, much less why her blog was sent to me. Turns out she was a Peace Corps volunteer who went missing in the Philippines (for more information, check it here). The suspect finally confessed (see here).

What a terrible loss. Here was someone who wanted to make a difference. Reading her blog, she could've easily complained and whined about her experiences. Compared the Philippines to all the other countries she's been to. But no. Despite the country's shortcomings, she stayed on. She did what she could. She was even trying to learn the language.

I don't know what to make of her death. Senseless? Yes. Could it have been prevented? Probably. But it's too late now.