April 2, 2007

Same old, same old

People never stop taking a stab at treating you crappily. You either let them get away with it, or you don't. The sad thing is, I usually try to be helpful. I've noticed some people tend to take advantage of it. At least I didn't let two of them get away with it.

People have their own way of doing things. I'm usually all for respecting other people's rights to do things their way, but not when it tramples on my right to do things my way. If it's my job, let ME do MY job. After all, it's what I'm being paid to do. But to assume that I would automatically shoulder the responsibilities of another officemate who is absent is a no-no. SHE doesn't take on my responsibilities when I'm out of the office. I'm not a martyr. I was one for a long time, and it was not a good thing.

I hate feeling like a victim, nor do I want to be one. But sometimes, there are days when I can't prevent other people from trying to manipulate me into doing what they want. When it happens, I'm just glad when I can successfully dodge the bullet.