April 5, 2007

What are you doing on Easter weekend?

I'm taking tomorrow off. We thought of driving up to Niagara Falls. My husband hasn't seen the falls, only in tv shows, magazines and pictures. But the weather forecast says snow. It'll take us roughly 7 hours to get there, so it's not such a smart idea to drive that far only to encounter snow. It'll be a long weekend for me. I really want to take advantage of long weekends and go somewhere, but the weather's not cooperating. Yet again. Just like Presidents' Day. But you never know. Weather IS unpredictable.

However, if the weather ends up as predicted, we might change our kitchen flooring. We've done our research, and checked out different flooring options and stores. We ended up buying from Lowe's - Atlantic Maple from Pergo's Casual Living line. I wanted something darker, but since our kitchen is not that big, the nice store folks recommended we go light. That way, our kitchen will look bigger. So fine. Light it is. At least, I like what we bought. Sort of. Plus, Lowe's had a special sale going on, so we're getting a rebate out of it. $0.40 off per square foot. Not bad.