April 25, 2007

Why not more vacation days?

Going back to Niagara Falls (been there back in 1998) made me realize that in eight hours, you can be 300+ miles away. That's by driving. How far can you go by plane?

Yet we all have to be at work, toiling away. We don't have a lot of vacation days. We have to make do with the number of vacation days we get. As a result, I noticed people become very creative with their personal and sick days. I suppose it's understandable. Everyone needs a break every now and then. What I don't understand is why companies here in the US do not offer more vacation days to their employees? It's not as if everyone is slacking off. People need time away from the office to recharge. Don't we hardworking workers deserve a break like the rest of the world? Check out this article and this.

I do work in a fairly reasonable office. Not as strict as where I was before. But it would be nice if they would consider the work arrangements from this site.