May 12, 2007

Fun place to visit

We went to Barker Character Comic and Cartoon Museum in Cheshire, CT today. So much fun seeing so much pop culture. Kept saying, "oh, that's Alf! My Pretty Pony! Shirt Tales! Ziggy!" Kept pointing at their displays. Every nook and cranny was loaded with toys, games, pez, lunch boxes, magazines, cereal boxes, among others. It was a blast!

The first question Nancy (museum director) asked us during the guided tour was, "who's your favorite cartoon?" Garfield immediately came to mind, of course. Then I remembered the others that I just plain forgot. Their art gallery was also great, but my oh my, the prices were just whew!

If ever you're in the area, check it out. It's free. No admission charge. Honest. Even the guided tour was free.