May 24, 2007

HEROES Season Finale

Ok, ok, I give in. I tried not to write about this, but I can't help it. I watched it last Monday, but I just have to write about it.

Lame season finale. I looked forward to it, watched it and found it wanting. With all the hype generated about it, how disappointing.

The much-anticipated and much-dreaded explosion did not happen. Darn it.

Peter-Sylar showdown? I was getting ready to watch those two get down and dirty. No go.

Nathan turns heroic. No surprise that he did what he did. The show is titled "HEROES", after all.

Heroes get-together at Kirby Plaza. Given their collective abilities, I was expecting more whooomph, whiz, bang and pow. You know, a chance to spank and whomp Sylar big time because he's been such a bad, bad boy.

Matt going after Sylar. Doesn't he know how "gifted" Sylar is? Going after Sylar with just a gun, how silly.

Niki/Jessica should've beaten the crap out of the woman pretending to be her.

There were some fantastic moments:

Papa Bennet and Claire reunited. How sweet.

Micah and Molly. Did you see the look Molly gave Micah by the elevator?

Daddy Deveaux seeing Peter when Peter thought he was invisible.

Claire jumps out of the window. So sudden, so cool. Not to be copied, of course.

But overall, what a letdown.

HOWEVER, it doesn't mean that I won't watch it when it returns. One lousy season finale does not erase the fact that the previous episodes were great.

Did you guys watch it? How did you find it?


Perfectwound said...

I think it's a nice ending, but like you, I think it needs more actions and excitement like the episode with the radio-active man going off at Claire's house and she survives. Sylar should have died.

Nevertheless, heard season 2 will be much different. Can't wait for it in Sept.

Anyway I don't really remember Molly and Matt knew each other.

Cez said...

Come to think of it, Ted blasting off the Bennet's house was more exciting than the season finale.

As for Molly & Matt, they met each other in the one of the first few episodes (can't remember which) when Matt began to hear other people's thoughts. I believe it was actually Molly's thoughts he first heard. She was hiding inside the closet and Matt found her there. Sylar killed her parents. The other officers (or was it Matt's partner?) actually thought it was suspicious that Matt knew where Molly was.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to season 2 as well. I heard there will be more new heroes.

Perfectwound said...

Oh ya I remember now after you mentioned about Slyar killing off Molly's parents.

Guess I had found another Heroes fan. :)