May 30, 2007

Memorial Day weekend at Shenandoah

We went to Shenandoah National Park last Saturday, 26 May 2007.

We drove along Skyline Drive, 50 miles of it. It's actually 105 miles long. We saw the highest peak there - Hawksbill Mountain (4,050 feet) - although we didn't hike to the peak.

At Beahms Gap, we went on the 0.1 mile trail to the Appalachian Trail for a 20-minute hike. Here's a picture I took while hiking.

We saw a black bear cub and a deer. The cub sprang out from the side of the road and quickly crossed the road before I had the chance to grab my camera. What a nimble cub! My husband got a snapshot of the deer.

There were lots of tiny insects flitting around. Thankfully, we all sprayed insect repellant...only to find later on that it was expired! Made for good laughs, it did.

Food-wise, the trip was a disaster.

We had brunch at Wendy's. The order taker did not understand what we were ordering. He wanted us to order at the window. Our order? One junior cheeseburger, one junior bacon cheeseburger and one crispy buffalo chicken sandwich, two small Coke and one chocolate milk. Tough huh!

We stopped for a break at the Elkwallow Wayside. I placed two orders of soft serve swirl and one order of chocolate. It took forever and there wasn't a queue! I was the only one ordering it.

For a late lunch, we stopped at the Byrd Visitor Center in Big Meadows. Ordered pork barbecue to go. It did not look like the barbecue we were expecting.

For dinner, we ate at Royal Garden. Appetizers were bean sprouts and kimchee, plus nachos and salsa. My sister ordered chicken bulgogi (the veggies did not taste like anything). My husband ordered kalbi (it wasn't ribs...beef was even tough and dry) and I had bibimbop (dol sout rice, according to their menu).

The next day, we had breakfast successfully at Jimbo's Restaurant. Even discovered scrapple in the menu. Made up of small scraps of meat left over from butchering. We weren't brave enough to try it. I had scrambled egg, ham and toast. Nothing unusual. Then it was back again to Connecticut.

The trip went pretty well, despite the dining weirdness. The drive to VA seemed to take forever (7-8 hours), but the views were pretty relaxing. This was taken in the Range View overlook.