May 16, 2007

Seen the Ipod + ITunes ad?

I saw the new Ipod + ITunes ad while eating dinner tonight.

Of course, I don't own an Ipod. I have my dependable mobiBLU, which I blogged about before. You're probably saying, "mobi-what?" EXACTLY why I bought it.

Anyway, back to the ad I saw.

You see that recognizable white image. You recognize the brand, but not the people. You have no clue who the people are. All you know is that they own an Ipod. The people are defined by their Ipod. Their identities are blurred. All their individuality...gone.

I'm not a big fan of brand names and designer labels. Maybe when I was younger. But the years have taught me otherwise. Even purchasing something because it's top-of-the-line usually makes me question who's saying it IS top of the line. Is it top-of-the-line because of its brand, its price, and/or its performance? Is it simply a product of fantastic advertising and marketing?

The thing is, when you define yourself by your material possessions, you end up buying more and more things. Let's face it, material possessions have expiration dates. What's cool today is uncool tomorrow. That widescreen tv you bought today will be replaced by something new tomorrow. So what happens when your cool stuff isn't so cool anymore? Does it mean you - like the stuff you own - became uncool by association? And what do you end up with? Unless you pay for these in cash, then you end up with nothing but mounting credit card debts.

You can define yourself by the model of car you drive, the brand of jeans you wear, the perfume you spray on, even the bag you carry around. You can buy all the accoutrements of luxury to show you've "arrived", to show that you're successful and you made it. Somehow though, the identity you create from your possessions is tenuous at best.

I know that I can be all style, yet totally lacking in substance. Or I can be all substance, yet totally lacking in style. I also know that I can achieve a fine balance between the two. It's tricky, but hey, I've got my own mind. I can decide without getting caught up by the hype of things. And that's why I have a mobiBLU and not an Ipod.

All that from a simple tv ad.

Note: To the two persons in my life whom I gave Ipods to (you know who you are), you're excused because I gave them to you. Oh, and I gave them to you two because you both love music. Ipod also has the best user-friendly interface at that time. : )


Lani said...

ooh thanks for the disclaimer....i was getting a bit perturbed.

INKBLOTS said...

That is why I hate Nokia! They change phone models--like everyday! And there you go, your top of the line phone is just a line! (and why i am talking about Nokia? because I don't have an iPod. Lolz!)