May 10, 2007

Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of iced chai latte

It's been crazy since I got in this morning. Add to that the wild spreadsheet that nearly drove me to tears. I thought it would take me forever to finish it, but it took me 3 hours including checking the links and making sure all the formulae were in order. Not bad. Then some more forms that were due yesterday. Yeah, yesterday. Fun thing, I only received the forms today. I called the person who sent the forms, told her that I only received it today, and asked if it was possible to submit it early next week. Happily, she said it's fine.

Then our CEO called. He has to go to a meeting tomorrow, but doesn't know where it was going to be. His assistant is gone for today, so who else can come to the rescue but me? What's more, he asked if it was possible for me to come to work early tomorrow (8:30am) so we can discuss the stuff I'm working on. Bleah. I really dislike going to work early. I'm a night owl. Waking up is just difficult. But since he asked and he's the boss (plus, he did ask nicely), I'll be an early bird on a Friday. Ick.

I was close to losing it and decided to go out for a quick break. Cold Stone or nearby cafe? The cafe won. I had a nice cup of iced chai latte and all is well with the world again.

Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of iced chai latte to make everything right.