June 24, 2007

Leche flan - third time lucky

Ok, so I woke up today and thought I'd try to make something I haven't made in AGES. The last time I tried it was when we were still living in New York. First time, it was a success. Second time, not so much (no thanks to the caramelized sugar that got screwed up). Third time, here's the product:

Perhaps trying to learn how to make a Filipino dessert isn't a bad thing. At least it can be something I can pass to future offsprings. The Filipino sweet tooth. Thankfully, my older sister (of Stagenotes...and All That Jazz) bought me a cookbook of Filipino desserts from our country.

So what Filipino desserts have I done or do? I've made ginataan halo-halo many times (with bilo-bilo...love it!). Suman, tried it once. Bibingka, twice from White King Bibingka Mix. Fruit salad, many times - one time thought to be Ambrosia by some of my sister's guests in a party. Turon, yeah.

I got the recipe for biko (a dessert made of glutinous rice or "sweet rice") from my mom-in-law before, so I want to try that. Puto, I want to try (my husband loves puto) but the recipes I've seen recommend using a muffin pan and then steaming them. Our steamer is not that big, so our muffin pan won't fit. I also want to try making palitaw, ube halaya and yema.

Speaking of trying out new recipes, I'm searching for the recipe for tinumkan. I've never tried it, but it's supposed to be from the province where my husband hails from. I found this before, but I want two more versions, so I can compare them. Anyone who has it, care to share? I promise to take a picture and post it here.


Lene said...

galing mo naman! =p fave ko actually ang leche flan, mas masarap sya for me pag medyo sunog yung ibabaw. :P it's nice knowing our kababayans like you still stick to Filipino delicacies.

May I ask though, I haven't heard 'tinumkan', where's that from? Good luck on your versions! =p

Cez said...

Well, thank you!

Ok, tinumkan is from Aklan. I've never tasted it, but I heard about it from my husband's fellow Aklanons (Akeanons in their dialect).

By the way, I tried to post a comment in your blog yesterday but it wouldn't let me.

Lene said...

Uy, thanks for the info. You see, dream ko is to travel around the Philippines and get to learn different dialect and taste good foods too! =p

Sorry for that, but I thik I was able to fix it already.