June 19, 2007

Tungsten E2 is up and running

I finally set up my new PDA, a Palm® Tungsten E2. Bought it early this month. My old Visor Edge conked out on me after years of doing its job. I waited for quite sometime to see if I could live without it. I need it, not in a desperate "I'll go crazy, I need it" kind of way, but it keeps information I try to keep on hand. Anyway, I haven't brought E2 with me around yet. I just finished charging it. I'll be installing the other software soon. I haven't even tinkered with it, so right now, I only know its features based on the quick tour during installation. It's not the most current Palm PDA, but what the heck, it looks good and it'll do the job. A Palm Foleo looked appealing, but it would require a smartphone. The Palm® TX handheld was great-looking too, but over my budget. I am not a power PDA user, after all.

So why did I not buy a smartphone? Well, I still adore my Samsung SGH-T809. (See the wallpaper? It's little cute critter Slorg!) Plus, I'm not a big fan of smartphones either.