June 21, 2007

Where did the lake go?

Missing: Large lake in southern Chile (Copyright: 2007 Reuters / Publication: Reuters) caught my eye when I was surfing the web this morning. A lake that disappeared just like that? How could it be? It sounds quite like an X-file to me (yeah, I was a big X-phile way back when).

Anyway, how can a large lake roughly 10-12 acres disappear? Very mysterious, it is. I'm curious as to what other theories will pop up, apart from the one given by the article. Is the reason simple enough to overlook? Or did something complex happen that led to the lake's disappearance?

My goodness, unexplained things are changing the face of the earth. If this can happen that quickly in an area of that size, it's easy to imagine that it can happen on an even larger scale. Yikes.


Perfectwound said...

I find that the explaination stated in the news was quite reasonable.

Global warming seems to be another possibility, but I don't know how true that can be. :P

Cez said...

I want other more exciting reasons...say, an alien spacecraft siphoned off the water to be used upon return to their home planet. Let me see if I can think of other stuff. For fun. :)