July 23, 2007

After the Harry Potter weekend

Watched the movie. Read the book.

First, the movie. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

They did a great job of compressing everything. They caught the highlights. Good job! I wasn't sure how they'd work it out, given the fifth book is the longest of the lot. But they did it.

- Daniel's acting has improved tremendously.

- Neville Longbottom is definitely improving in the looks department as well.

- Umbridge was just too pink and nutty. She reminded me of someone I used to work with. Especially that smile when she's actually close to screaming furiously.

- Bellatrix looked properly deranged as she ought to be (especially after spending time in Azkaban).

- Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort just keeps getting creepier and creepier.

- Dementors are still scary.

- Too bad it was Cho who snitched on them. In the book, it was Marietta. At least they made it appear that Umbridge gave her Veritaserum.

- Kreacher looks and sounds way better than Dobby.

Now, the book. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

It wrapped everything up quite nicely. It's a good read. Exciting.

- It reminded me of "Lord of the Rings"...for younger folks. There was a part in the book that reminded me of The Siege of Gondor on a smaller scale.

- Ralph Fiennes is too effective an actor! I can imagine him as Voldemort while reading the book.

- Oh, what he did for love! (I'm not saying who.)

- Never underestimate the housewife.

- Don't underestimate the house elves either.

- Wishful thinking: fun if Peter Jackson would direct the movie version of this book.

I'm watching the movie and reading the book again, that's for sure.

Oooops! I nearly forgot.
I've been wanting to get our house painted. Been looking for professional people to do it. Been reading Harry Potter books. Guess what happened yesterday morning? I dreamt that our neighbors had the Order of the Phoenix over at their place. And the Order used magic to paint their house! In my dream, I told my husband, "what a waste of perfectly good magic! I wonder if they'll come by and help us paint our place too???"

All true, my friends, I really dreamt it.