July 9, 2007

"Sigaw" (or "The Echo")

I heard that the movie "Sigaw" by Yam Laranas will be re-made here in the US. I even heard that Jesse Bradford (I know him from "Bring It On") will be playing the role portrayed by Richard Gutierrez. What's more, I heard the movie is scary.

So of course, we looked for the movie. Found a copy of it in the Filipino store close to our place. Rented it and watched it with my husband and sister.

I confess, I was hiding behind throw pillows while watching. It kept me screaming. It wasn't a gory, slasher movie, mind you. But it was creepy. Once again, it has a Creepy Kid (CK, as my sister would call the kid), quite like "Ringu".

I like watching horror/thriller movies for yelling purposes. It's fun. Much like riding roller coasters. You really go for it so you can scream your head off without people questioning your sanity.

Anyway, the way I see it, the mark of a good horror/thriller movie is this: days later, you can still remember the scenes from the movie and it still freaks you out. That's what "Sigaw" did to me.

Check out the "Sigaw" website.

By the way, sigaw in Filipino really means "shout". After watching the movie, "The Echo" seems more appropriate.


INKBLOTS said...

Jesse Lucas, the musical director, is my college buddy and still my friend up to this time. This won hin the Screamfest Award a few years back.:-)