July 4, 2007

Bedroom plans

Instead of spending 4th of July outdoors, it's actually raining in our town right now. Good thing we already watched the fireworks display last night.

Anyway, I've been reading endless decorating books since goodness-knows-when. Decorating book I'm currently reading and rereading? "$500 Room Makeovers" by Lisa Quinn. Today, I finally installed my "Trading Spaces Design Companion" software here in my laptop. It was originally installed in my husband's desktop, but since he reformatted his hard drive, the program's not there anymore.

Our new bed and nightstands will be arriving soon. I want to paint our bedroom, but honestly, I don't want to have anything to do with it. My husband already volunteered to do it. What a good boy. But I don't really want to wear him out that way either. We'll see how it goes.

So before I started doing all this, I already knew (and we agreed on it) that our bedroom will be a place to relax. We don't want it to be cluttered. We don't want it to be full of furniture. We only want the basics - a bed and nightstands. Our walls have been bare for 4 years now. It's time to put something up. Here's what I came up with:

I started off with this from scratch. I haven't used the program in ages, so I was off to a slow start. I couldn't quite make the room the right size though. Oh well.

The frames will be Ribba from Ikea. I already have one, so I need to get another one. The print is not exactly what we'll have. It was available with the software, the closest to the color scheme we've agreed on. The curtain rod will be black paired with white panels. Still not sure if we need double curtain rods. I made the walls mocha-colored. Oh, and we already have a similar floor lamp in place.

The software only had 3 bed types to choose from. This is the closest to what we ordered. The nightstands are similar to what we're getting. The lamps, not really. We already have the lamps anyway.

We need to buy 6 Fjällsta frames from Ikea ($19.99 each). Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" will not be in the frames. Instead, each frame will have a white mat and our black & white pictures. That wall will be sort of our picture gallery, kind of. Why not?

Vertical frame, we need to buy. Print inside? Still undecided. Half-moon table, to buy. Not really for books. Actually, I was thinking more of a simple half-moon-shaped shelf, not a table. It's for something like the HoMedics Envirascape Gentle Rains Illuminated Rainforest Fountain with Six Sounds Sound Machine, which you can find here - although I don't really want a fountain in our room. Perhaps a Homedics iSoundSpa.

So there you go. I thought I'd share it here because I still cannot believe I came up with it (after endlessly consulting with my husband, of course). : )