July 18, 2007

My little nook

I found my little corner at home where I can blog and surf the net.

The laptop was previously in our living room close to the window. I'd sit there, look out and ponder on things. It seemed ideal except my computer chair (which I really like) is too big and too tall for my laptop desk. It kept banging and banging against the desk - not a good thing. I also get distracted by the tv. Plus, I block the way going upstairs.

I wouldn't have moved if not for Zack. Two nights ago, he went inside our extra bedroom. The Stitch lamp, which is on automatic timer, was already turned off. Zack entered the room and looked at the daybed. AS IF he was looking at something. Then he took a step back and went out of the room again.

It freaked me out, of course. My sister said it might be a little sprite. So I thought the room MUST be used again. So now, after watching an old episode of "Boston Legal", I go up there to use the computer and blog. Zack stays with me. He just lies down at the center of the room. When he gets bored, he goes back to the living room.

So far, so good.


Paige said...

I like it, looks comfy.

Cez said...

Yes, indeed it is!