July 30, 2007

The new bed and nightstands

We finally have our new bed and nightstands! I blogged about it before. We ended up buying it from a local furniture store.

Here's the bed without the mattress:

Now here's the bed with the mattress:

And here's the bed with "clothes" on...haha!

It's not "finished", but what the heck, I love it!

What's more, our bedroom was painted today!!! Thanks to Southern CT Painters, LLC who finished painting our bedroom so quickly - all in a day's work. Great job!

We chose Sherwin-Williams' Ethereal Mood. Strangely, it looks greenish in my monitor, but actually, it's not. I'll take pictures and post it here sometime this week.


Paige said...

I really like it

Cez said...

thanks, Paige! I'm posting more current pictures sometime this week.

Lene said...

I find it elegant, really and minimalist. I love the black wood and the plaid ('clothes') combination! =p

Ganda, Cez!

Pie said...

ganda!!! ansarap mag-laze around with hubby diyan. ;) parang nakakatamad na pumasok sa work noh cesz? ;) hehehe

Cez said...

Lene, I'm really partial to the "less-is-more" look when it comes to our bedroom. I should post the more current pictures. The walls are no longer white.

Pie, sinabi mo pa. I also bought an alarm clock that has nature sounds. Mas lalong relaxing.